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Microblading is a technique in which a "micro-blade" is used to cut hair like strokes into the eyebrow area which is then gone over in a pigment that matches your natural eyebrow color for better blending. The idea is to follow the natural growth pattern of the hair while also creating a better shape and fullness. Once healed you will have strokes that resemble real eyebrow hair! This technique is best for those who naturally have a decent amount of eyebrow hair, but may be lacking shape or fullness.

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Ombre is a technique that is different from microblading because rather than it resembling hair strokes, it resembles a soft, powdered brow. Your artist will start with light shading at the front of the brow (near the nose) and then shades the brown in just a bit darker at the bottom of the brow to define the arch in an area where it won't appear too harsh, then at the tail for better definition. Most photos you see of the ombre are immediately after the procedure. Once healed, it presents much softer. This technique is best for those who may have areas of missing hair or not enough eyebrow hair for there to be a natural shape. 

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The Combination is a combination of Microblading and Ombre, which gives an all over shaped, defined brow with hair strokes mainly in the front of the and ombre shading through out. (Though some may need microblading through-out as well). This is a great option for those who have little-to-no eyebrow hair, and rather than an enhancement, are looking for a more dramatic change - complete, natural, defined eyebrows. In this photo example you can see our client had no eyebrow hair. The top photo shows the difference between her natural brow line (left) and microblading (right). The bottom picture shows both brows completed with both Microblading and Ombre. 

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Men's Brow


Anyone can experience hair loss and dissatisfaction with their eyebrows and men are no exception! That is why we offer a service specifically for them! Our Men's Brow service is very similar to that of regular brow services and we can do any of the above techniques! Many men come to us wanting their eyebrows more even and full without sacrificing a masculine appearance. This service is increasing in popularity and we're so excited to be able to offer it! 

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Permanent Eyeliner is a great way to enhance your eyes without the daily hassle and mid-day smudge of drawn on liner. We can work together to give your eyes a more flattering appearance with a line that will last, and however you'd like it done. We understand some people prefer a "barely there" thin line and some would like their lines bolder and thicker. Some may prefer a small wing while other prefer one that comes out further to lengthen the lash line. Some like to wear their eyeliner on both the top and the bottom while others may prefer top OR bottom, which we are able to do as well.

Classic Eyeliner 



The Ombre Eyeliner is a new technique where rather than a solid line, your top liner will fade into shadowing. This enhances the lash line, but with a softer line that more closlely resembles the look of simple eyeshadow. This is a newer technique that adds a little something extra to your daily wear look! 

Ombre  Eyeliner


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With our Full Lip services, pigment is applied to the entire lip, while perfecting the outline of the lip, helping it to appear more even, with a more shapely cupid's bow (the center of the top lip). We have a range of colors to choose from that will add a semi-permanent color that allows the lips to constantly appear more healthy, full and youthful without any lipstick at all. One of the best aspects is that if at any time you want to wear a different shade than your regular daily look, lipstick will glide right over it. 

Full Lip


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Our Ombre Lip is very similar to our Full Lip service, the only distinction is that the pigment will not be evenly deposited all over. By starting darker on the lip lines and lightening pressure as we deposit pigment toward the inner lip, this technique allows us to create an effect that makes the lips appear more full while still giving the all-over lip a healthy glow.  

Ombre Lip


All About Touchups

Touch-ups are important to keep your work looking it's best and how often you need a touch-up is dependent on your skin type and the kinds of products you choose to use on the area. For example, those with very oily skin or who use brighteners often may need touch-ups more frequently.


We recommend that everyone comes back for their first touch-up 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure and usually recommend you have your next touch-up one year later, though for some we may recommend less or more time. 

Pricing for touch-ups depends on how long it's been since you were last seen here. 

If you are coming in more than two years after your last touch-up the price can be anywhere from the 2 year price,  up to that of a new procedure.

If you are scheduling a touch-up here but were last seen at another studio, pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. The quickest way to find out pricing for this service is to send a photo to 713-820-8040. Please include in the message that you are wanting touch-up pricing, how long it's been since you last had work done and any changes you're wanting to make. We will get back to you with pricing and can schedule the appointment from there. 



Touch-up Pricing 


6 weeks: $95

6 months: $150

1 year: $295

2 years:$400

Eyeliner - Top OR Bottom

8 weeks: $95

1 year: $180

2 years: $250

Eyeliner - Top & Bottom

8 weeks: $150

1 year: $300

2 years: $400

Ombre Top Eyeliner

8 weeks: $95

1 year:  $200

2 years: $300

Full Lip

8 weeks: $150

1 year: $350

2 years: $450

Ombre Lip

8 weeks: $125

1 year: $300

2 years: $400