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Partial Extensions


Partial Eyelash Extensions is our most natural eyelash extensions look. This is a great option for someone who's only wanting to add length and just a bit of thickness to their lash line.

Refills for this service cost $35 at two weeks or $40 at three weeks, 

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Classic Extensions


Classic Eyelash Extensions is our most popular eyelash extensions look. This is a great option for someone who's wanting to add length and thickness, enhancing the look of each individual eyelash for a fuller lash line. 

Your first/new set will be $90 if booking with a Senior Stylist or $100 if booking with a Master Stylist. 

Refills for this service cost $45 at two weeks or $55 at three weeks.

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Mixed Volume Extensions


Mixed Volume Extensions are a happy medium between out Classic Extensions service and Full Volume Extensions service. Some lashes will have the individual extensions (also called one-by-ones) and others with have volume pieces (a handmade fan made up of 3-5 extensions). This is a great option for those who desire a more full but not too dramatic look and can be helpful if you may have gaps in your lash line! 

Refills for this service cost $65 at two weeks or $75 at three weeks.


Full Volume Extensions


Full Volume Extensions are made up of all volume pieces for a more dramatic look. Surprisingly, because we hand select extensions that feel most like natural eyelashes, these do not feel heavy like wearing a full lash strip. This is a great option for those who really want to make sure their eyes stand out! 

2D/3D Volume Extensions cost $160 and the refills are $75 at two weeks or $85 at three weeks. 

4D/5D Extensions cost $200 and the refills are $85 at two weeks or $95 at three weeks.


Lash Lift and Tint


There's many people who have long enough lashes, but they're either having to constantly use a curler or may not even realize they have long lashes because they grow straight out or down. A lift allows us to curl your lashes up for a look similar to that of using a curler, and best part? It stays for 6-8 weeks! If you have blonde or brown lashes you can combine this service with a lash tint so you have curled, dark lashes that really pop! 

           Lift: $60     Tint: $35     Lift&Tint: $85     Eyebrow Tint:$35

Eyelash Services Appointment and Refill Policies

-A 2 week refill is between 10-16 days with 50% or more of extensions still in-tact.

-A 3 week refill is between 17-22 days with 40%-50% of extensions still in-tact.

-Once it's been 23 days or more, or when less than 40% of extensions are in-tact, pricing can be up to the cost of a new set and is up to the technician based on the amount of work that needs to be done. This will be explained to you prior to your appointment. Choosing to go ahead with the appointment will be treated as an agreement on pricing.

​-Please arrive wearing no eye make-up, or arrive early so you can remove your eye make-up using the supplies provided in our bathroom. If the technician has to clean your lashes before applying extensions this adds additional time and work to your appointment and is therefore an additional $5 charge.

-It is our responsibility to properly apply your extensions and your responsibility to take care of them. If lashes aren’t placed well, you will know within 48 hours of the appointment. If you have lost 30% or more in that time, we ask that you book an appointment to have it fixed within 4 days. After 4 days you will be charged for any additional work your technician does.

-Please understand that arriving late to your appointment means every appointment after you has to be pushed back. We allow a generous 15 minute grace period for late arrivals, but will need to reschedule your appointment if you show up beyond that time in order to see other clients on time. 

- If you have any condition that may make keeping still and/or keeping your eyes closed and free of movements difficult, please inform your technician prior to the appointment. These issues can increase risk of injury to the eye or surrounding area and may therefore affect our ability to serve you.